Parole Manager >> Password Tester
The Password Tester is intended for quality check of your password.
The Password Tester will test your password on your computer in this window. Your data will not transferred and not kept anywhere.
We strongly recommend to check up your master-password or the motto before use, and to be convinced, that rules of your administrator on formation of passwords not an empty phrase.
We strongly recommend to use passwords with quality above 30 units for the remote connection, and with quality above 40 units for local connection.
Password (Moto):
Quality of the password is 0 unit(s).
For cracking the password necessary to make a maximum of 1 operation(s).
The password will have been cracked for 0 day(s) at local connection.
The password will have been cracked for 0 day(s) at remote connection.
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The Parole Manager was created in 2007-2009 at participation Open Class Library, Itlibitum, Corp. and other remarkable teams, the companies and private persons.