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We thank you for desire to help the project!
Project Parole Manager is absolutely free, has an open source code and is created for you.
The biggest gratitude is that you use the project and it is pleasant to you.
Also, you can take part in development and improvement of the project.
You can make its more convenient and qualitative.
We are grateful to you for any help, any remark and any offers.
Send the remarks and offers to the email:
The list of good deeds
  • You can recommend the Parole Manager to friends, having pressed on this link.
  • You can recommend Parole Manager, having placed the link to it to the site, blog or forums.
  • You can inform us about mistakes in the text or the code.
  • You can offer new tools or services on the theme, and we shall try creating them.
  • You can translate the project to another languages.
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The Parole Manager was created in 2007-2009 at participation Open Class Library, Itlibitum, Corp. and other remarkable teams, the companies and private persons.