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The Password Manager (Parole Manager) is a new most powerful tool for control of your passwords.
Now it is necessary for you to remember only one confidential password or moto.
The manager of passwords will generate for you the unique password for each site which you use.
Password Manager will make it also at any moment when it is necessary for you to recollect the password.
The Password Manager generates the unique password on your computer in this window, using JavaScript, MD5, and also other means and algorithms, and does not keep your data or the generated password anywhere.
You can not be afraid, that your password will be intercepted by malefactors.
However, if you have forgotten the password for any site, the manager of passwords restore it for you.
For this purpose it is enough to enter your master-password, and the name of a site for which the password was generated.
Unique algorithm will restore your password for you online.
If you the administrator, and to you is necessary to create passwords for your users, you can create with the help of this tool passwords for each user.
At any moment you can restore the password of the user.
You do not have more necessity to keep or to remember passwords!
Your Personal Secret Master Password or Moto (for example: nick1970, Do no Evil)*:
Domain or URL (for example:,*:
Email or Username (for example:, bond):
Length of Password (<25):
* Obligatory.
Your password is:
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The Parole Manager was created in 2007-2009 at participation Open Class Library, Itlibitum, Corp. and other remarkable teams, the companies and private persons.